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La Vie En Rose – 2007

After seeing this film twice now, I think my idea of the film has become clearer. I had never heard of Edith Piaf before seeing this film, and I am ashamed of that. After seeing the film the first time, I decided to read up...

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Away From Her – 2007

When a gem of a film like this one comes along, it is not easily forgotten. Julie Christie’s amazing performance as Alzheimer sufferer, Fiona is astonishing. Her performance overshadows that of Gordon Pinsent, and that’s the way...

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The Savages – 2007

After being called the ‘Indie Darling’ of this years Oscar race early on in 2007. Maybe, until Juno came around and stole it’s thunder. It has plenty to spare. I saw this one at the same festival where I saw an early screening,...

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Juno – 2007

“I don’t really know what kind of girl I am” – Juno McGruff. Saw this film a couple of weeks ago at a mini-festival, and had high expectations, after watching the trailer a million times. Well my...

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