Author: Naima W

Hard Candy( 2005)

Director: David Slade  Starring: Ellen Page & Jeffery Kohlver  This is movie starts off as a instant messaging between Haley and Jeff. Haley is a mature 14 year old girl who likes to read her dad’s medical books and...

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Hard Candy

Director: David Slade  Starring Ellen Page( An American Crime, Juno) & Jeff Kohlver (Lakeview Terrance) This movie surrounds a twisted story on a 14 year old girl who is mature for her age and a 32 year old man who is lonely...

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Feed (2005)

Director: Brett Leonard this movie is really sick and twisted , at first i thought this would be just another predictable low rate movie but i found it to be really interesting . Alex O’Loughlin(michael), Patrick...

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An American Crime (2007)

Director: Tommy O’ Haver This movie is based on a true story about a girl named Siliva Likens, (played by Ellen Page)who was tortured to death by a family she stayed with while her parents were in the carnvial. I hope this...

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Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in The Attic (1987)  Starring: Victoria Tennant & Louise Fletcher  Director: Jeffery Bloom This movie starts off telling a happy story about how kids love their father , its his birthday and they greet him by hiding...

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