Author: Mpassantino

Bruno (2009)

The main problem that Bruno faces is that it will suffer from comparisons to 2006’s comedy hit Borat, which earned star Sacha Baron Cohen a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for writing the screenplay. I, unfortunately,...

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Whatever Works (2009)

The problem with writer\director Woody Allen’s new film lies within the title. Whatever Works seems to be the theory behind this bland, and wildly unfocused new comedy from one of the greatest filmmakers ever to work in...

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I’m Not There

“All I can do is be me. Whoever that is” -Bob Dylan Bob Dylan was once quoted saying this. This quote is the basis for Todd Haynes’ fascinating and wildly bizarre new film I’m Not There. The film features six different actors,...

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Notes on a Scandal

Richard Eyre’s Notes on a Scandal is a torn from the tabloids potboiler that mesmerizes every step of the way. The content of Notes on a Scandal is not based on a true story per se, but the material is familiar enough for...

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