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Six years before “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” fully revealed the origins of a war between vampires and lycans, we were flung head-long into the fray with 2003’s surprise hit “Underworld”. “Underworld” follows Selene (Kate...

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Finally after seemingly being stuck in kid movies working for “The House of Mouse”, Dwayne Johnson returns to his action roots with “Faster”. “Faster” is the story of a man known as Driver (Dwayne Johnson), who upon being...

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As I’ve said several times before, the sub-genre of spy films (or espionage/spy thrillers as they’re sometimes referred) has long been a popular well for Hollywood to draw from for inspiration and box office success. Typically...

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The Town

Years ago a young actor named Ben Affleck soared to super stardom with the critically acclaimed film “Good Will Hunting”. To follow that up Ben starred in a series of very successful (although not always critically appreciated)...

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