Author: Michael G


                Get ready to join Optimus Prime(Peter Cullen), the leader of the Autobots, as they land on our planet to save mankind in Transformers. Director Michael Bay and Executive producer Steven Spielberg bring you the...

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Toy Story(1995)

                 I’ll tell you, if you enjoy movies that have meaning, joy, and even a little emotion, then toy story is the film for you. It’s filled with priceless joy and terrific entertainment the whole family...

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toy story 3(2010)

                   This film is absolutely fantastic! Toy story 3 is a MUST see movie, it once again stars Tim Allen and Tom Hanks as the lovable toys Buzz and Woody as they set off on their newest adventure. It starts off with...

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                 Get ready for an epic thrill ride as Sylvester Stallone brings you the fourth installment of one of the best film franchises in the world. This thrilling new chapter follows John Rambo(Stallone) as he is...

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