Author: Matthew Kane

Everything Must Go (2011)

Will Ferrell knows what he’s doing. The man who has made his name by having little to no shame on Saturday Night Live or in any of his memorable, comedy hall of fame collaborations with director Adam McKay can still...

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Fast Five (2011)

Fast Five, the latest showcase of fast cars, big guns, and trophy women from the Fast and Furious franchise, isn’t as bad as most “fives,” but isn’t as balls-to-the-wall fun as it could be, either. Vin Diesel, Paul...

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The Road Warrior (1981)

Some names hold a very special place in the cult film world. Ashley J. Williams, Jeffrey Lebowski, Tyler Durden, “Mad” Max Rockatansky. Megastar-turned-madman Mel Gibson’s big break as the shotgun-toting, leather-studded...

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Female Trouble (1974)

Female Trouble, much like writer/director/vulgarian John Waters’ 1972 little masterpiece of nastiness Pink Flamingos, is charming. It’s an exhibition of distilled counterculture that displays masturbation via...

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