Author: Maja Lykke

Dark Shadows

Having always been a Tim Burton-fan of course his recent Dark Shadows was a must-see. As a director his love for gothic horror is undeniable and my hope was that in choosing to do a film based of the 1960s cult TV series Dark...

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Visionary Danish film director Lars von Trier has done it again! – With Melancholia he has created yet another gem in his catalogue of stimulating films. It is no secret that Trier likes to provoke, and the majority of this...

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Edward Scissorhands

‘Why does is it snow grandma? Where does it come from?’  – are the questions that trigger the telling of this gothic fairytale of Edward, the man with scissors for hands. The much loved film by the respected director Tim...

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Shame – the film about a New York sex addict who spirals down into his own obsession, leaving a trace of unfulfilled relationships along his way. The film is directed by Steve McQueen, the guy who in 2008 gave us the...

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