Author: Kolbe Swanson

Red Cliff, Theatrical Version – Everything an action film needs

Red Cliff is an epic film on a scale comparable to films such as The Lord of the Rings and Troy, but what makes the battles in this film interesting is not their massive scope, but the planning and strategy that goes into them. In one battle, the Southern army employs what they call a tortoise formation, a tactic which ultimately leads to trapping the enemy’s forces in a maze of soldiers. While there are other movies with bigger battle scenes, what makes this scene so interesting is that the armies aren’t just throwing troops at each other, but trying to use their men in the most effective and creative ways possible. War is more like chess in this film and less about sheer brute force.

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Waterworld – All Wet

For me, the most dramatic scene in the film occurs when the Smokers capture the girl and burn Kevin Costner’s boat. What struck me as I watched this scene unfold, however, was not that the bad guys had kidnapped someone, but that Kevin Costner’s boat was being destroyed. I cared more about a prop than about a character; Kevin Costner’s boat is really cool, arguably the single most interesting thing in the whole movie.

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