Author: Knuckles

Skyline has appropriately dubbed 2011 “The Year of the Alien.” No argument since there are a number of films this year dealing with extraterrestrials. Hol- lywood has definitely rekindled it’s love affair for the alien...

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Tron Legacy

I was in a mild state of anger when I saw the original Tron at one of the base theaters on Mchord AFB in 1983. I was in the Air Force Reserves, had just finished a UTA (Unit Training Assembly) and my ex made me mad about...

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For Colored Girls

Tyler Perry has always been able to draw intense performances from every actor and actress he’s worked with, utilizing his own unique material as a stalwart anchor. Now, for the first time,  he deviates from the norm and adapts...

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What if Lex Luthor did actually defeat his arch nemesis Superman? It’s a ques- tion none of us have even conceived of asking because we assume the idea is inconceiv- able. Those of us who know the man of steel realize that this...

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