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Just Go With It

Adam Sandler has checked off another name on his list of hotties he wanted make out with in a movie.  This time he gets Jennifer Aniston (lucky so-and-so) to do the honors.  He does bring in a couple of his normal crew (Kevin...

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Lucky Number Slevin

I’m a die-hard Bruce Willis fan, no pun intended (OK, yes, it was), but I recently found a Bruce Willis movie in my library that I hadn’t known was out there.  Lucky Number Slevin is a great thriller with an all-star...

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Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore

Like many recent family comedies, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore features way too many real life cats and dogs with computer worked mouths.  However, it is still extremely funny, though the beginning made me doubt...

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Two years after “Jaws”, Steven Spielberg releases another movie with the brilliant Richard Dreyfuss, who stars as Roy Neary, a man unlucky enough to have seen something he can’t explain.  Teri Garr co-stars as...

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