Author: Kirby McCord

Django Unchained

In 1966, the movie “Django” premiered.  Like the other Spaghetti Westerns, its protagonist was a laconic anti-hero who dealt death to unwashed, unshaven, and unsavory characters; the difference was that “Django” cashed in on the...

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Les Miserables

Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Miserables” is one of the best stories ever told.   Oscar-winning Director Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) has adapted the operatic “Les Miserables” theatrical presentation , written by Claude-Michel...

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Jack Reacher

Christopher McGuire has paid his dues, in the business since 1993.  He has written some outstanding scripts (“The Usual Suspects,”  Valkyrie,” “The Tourist”) but most moviegoers have never heard of him.  Perhaps his latest...

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Life of Pi

Ang Lee is one of those directors with an eclectic background of films; from edgy to iconoclastic to romantic to suspense, his films run the gamut of emotions and genres, but always with a unique angle that emphasizes the...

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