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X Men First Class

School is in session for the latest x men class at Professor Xavier’s school for the gifted. My summer of the superhero’s made a stop with the  x-men first class. This action sci-fi I drama stars James McAvoy. Michael...

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Super 8

I have to admit this wasn’t a must see for me right away considering JJ Abrams  previous  monster movie clover field,  the constant camera moving gave  me a headache. I ’m glad i decide to go see super 8. This sci-film is...

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Little Fockers

 I woke up one Saturday morning and realized I had   nothing to do. So I decided to use a  x mas gift I received  a gift card  to see  the  comedy  Little  Fockers  staring  a wonderful cast that includes Robert  De niro, Ben...

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Green Lantern

 Okay  I will admit  I’m a grown man  and  i have  the complete  collection of the   superfriends/justice league  cartoons on dvd  that have been released  and watch them more than most. Okay now that I have come clean on my...

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Grown ups

I was at friend’s house over the thanks giving day holiday weekend helping with his holiday decorations outside. We got into a conversation about movies my favorite topic. He said he had a copy of the comedy grownups staring...

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