Author: J.C. Simpson

X-Men: First Class

Best Superhero movie ever? Hell no, that title belongs to one of the Christopher Nolan Batman flicks. One of the best? Oh, you betchya. Going into this movie, I had my expectations set high. A good director, a phenomenal...

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The Rite

I don’t know why this movie got such shit reviews, I thought it was pretty good. The movie was entertaining and kept me waiting for something good to happen or some other coincidental event to occur, which it did. I was...

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The Hangover Part II

S’alright… Imagine the first one, but it is in Bangkok. That is the movie. Some more messed up and funny shit happens, of course, but its nothing new or edgy. There was a funny role from a person that I thought they...

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The Greatest Trailer Ever Made

Ladies and gentlemen of the board, I present to you a fact and a story with it. I have seen many amazing trailers in my day, movie and game, and I must say that none of them compare to the one I saw today. It is a VERY...

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Trailers: Hesher

Now, I know what you’re thinking: A modern day fairy tale starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a guardian to young TJ through his struggles sounds kinda stupid, right? Well, tell that to SXSW, who said that the film was...

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