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Old Boy (Oldeuboi, 2003)

South Korean emergence as a cinematic story-teller is well exampled by this carefully woven tale of the bizarre and macabre, yet still in context of a mystery thriller rather than taken to the horror genre. That it achieves the...

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In Bruges (2008)

A movie in which a midget/dwarf repeatedly introduces himself, “I’m an American, but don’t hold that against me” can’t be bad, in fact this movie, with its Irish flavored flair for the unlikely is by far the most charming...

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Hamsun (1996)

In one of the most significant roles of his illustrious career, Max von Sydow’s performance as Knut Hamsun reveals just how much this great author was exploited by circumstance and the exigencies of age to become defamed in the...

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