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Mud: 9/10

Mud is a story about a fugitive, Mud (McConaughey) and his quest to obtain the love of his life, Juniper (Witherspoon), a headcase in trouble, and escape with her on a boat.  All the while, trying to avoid being caught or seen...

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The English Teacher: 4.5/10

The English teacher stars Julianne Moore, as Linda Sinclair, as a shy, career-oriented, but lonely, lady desperately yearning for the attention she’s never received.  Instead, she spends her time in her books, educating...

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This is the end: 7.5/10

Not sure what I had expected from a heavily star-laced movie, but this is the end provided some of the funniest movie moments for me in over half a decade.   “Star-laced” is, sadly, is an understatement for this...

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Gravity: 10/10

I haven’t reviewed any movies in a long time; better yet, I haven’t felt the need to until now.   If you haven’t seen gravity yet, you’re doing yourself a great displeasure.  I’ve seen a...

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Before Midnight 9.5/10

Before Midnight is the third (and final?) installment in the “before” series, we’ll call it, played almost exclusively by Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy).  It plays the sequel to Before Sunrise and...

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