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Project X – 4.5/5

When a movie like “Project X” comes about, your not sure the approach your willing to go with it. One thing is for certain its targeted at a very specific audience and well needless to say for lack of better words,...

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Act Of Valor – 4.5/5

When i first head of the movie “Act Of Valor” i immediately thought of Call of Duty the movie?. Is it? in a way, but it still gets the job done. I don’t know and understand how people are not loving this...

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The Vow – 3/5

When asked about the movie The Vow? i only had one things to say, is it a sappy romance movie?. Well my main answer to that question is no. Is it a little cliche and ridiculous? Yes. This is the type of movie where the actors...

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Safe House – 4.5/5

Well its already the 2nd weekend in February and i have awarded two films an A- rating. Shocking?. The really good movies usually don’t start to come around until mid-march “See My Best Movie of the Year .. Lincoln...

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