Author: Sean K. Mitchell

Joker – No Joke at All

It is hard to keep your seat when a standing ovation is so deserving.  The acting of Joaquin Phoenix along with the directing and writing of Todd Phillips are the best cinematic combination of the year.  The R-rating allows audiences to slowly digest the monstrosities of Arthur Fleck and his rise to infamy.  It is an observation of the turmoil in his life and how the cruelties lead him to his destiny of becoming The Joker. 

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Captain Marvel — Marvelous or Mediocre?

Captain Marvel gives a tribute to Stan Lee in the opening credits that has audience members clapping, thanking him for the wonderful universe he created allowing us to forever remain a kid at heart. Where father and sons, mothers and daughters can come to the theater for two to three hours and live out their child-like fantasies of being a superhero. The film is entertaining. Although the mark is very high, unfortunately, it misses it.

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Halloween 2018 Review

Rewriting history is a phrase often used, but seldom done.  But if you could go back in time and erase the history of something very prolific and universal to change the outcome, would you?  Would the outcome really be that much better, or would it cut down on the redundancy of the things that came after making the event that once was so rich and abundant, now comical and predictable?   Halloween 2018 has accomplished the before mention making the final product worthy of its legendary predecessor directed by John Carpenter over 40 years ago.

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Hereditary — Absolutely Baffling!

The lights go from dim to bright as the credits roll down the screen. I find myself staying to the end not to see if there are any scenes after the movie, but my mind is just trying to make sense of it all.  Slowly turning toward my movie partner (my wife), I ask “What are we supposed to do with that?”  I am at a loss for words of what I endured for the past two hours.  Dumbfounded and perplexed, my mouth opens but nothing comes out, because I have no words for Ari Aster’s 2018 horror film, Hereditary.

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