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Julie and Julia Review

Julie and Julia Review Don’t judge a book (or movie), by its cover. Julie and Julia looked like it would turn out to be a pretty boring chick-flick all about cooking, when really, it told two stories, which beautifully...

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500 Days of Summer Review

500 Days of Summer Review Like a “Cassavetian” classic, 500 Days of Summer succeeds in not following any stereotypical romance-comedy conclusions, formats, or progressions. Just when you think things are going good,...

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The Brothers Bloom Review

The Brothers Bloom Review Don’t let yourself be fooled; this movie is more than meets the eye. The director,  (Rian Johnson), may be considered “unpracticed,” by Hollywood’s elite, but his latest 2009...

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Inglourious Basterds Review

Inglorious Basterds Review Quentin Tarantino has unveiled to the world his next work of art. He’s been working on it for ten years and it is looking good! This layered film contains separate stories which intertwine at the...

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Paranormal Activity Review

Paranormal Activity Review What is this thing doing in my movie theater? What is it even doing playing in any movie theater. I’m sorry, but the plot of this movie was almost non-existent. A couple tries to find different...

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