Author: dustin83

The Hangover

I just recently went to Vegas with my wife and realized why it is sin city, a city with no boundaries, no restrictions, and no memory!  Seeing it is place where clocks are non-existent and drinks are constantly being served at...

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District 9

This summer has proven to be very difficult for me as a film admirer.  On the one hand, this summer has managed to break the bank with the top five blockbusters raking in over 1.2 billion dollars in revenue.  However,...

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If you were going to bet the farm, your children, your left testicle on something, it would seem that betting it all on Pixar Animation Studios making a great film is a sure thing!  These days, Pixar can do no wrong as it has...

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Knocked Up

While watching the comedy Knocked Up with my mother and mother-in-law, (it was there first time to see the film), it is clear that the film has something to offer all people of all ages and generations.  Both moms were in tears...

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