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Why Black Dynamite Why?

This is not a review: It’s just a question that has been plaguing me for a while, and that question is why didn’t this movie make it big on a national scale? I always believed good cinema should be shared with the...

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Blood The Last Vampire: 2009

It’s 1970 and one of this nations biggest battles was just fought and won. Enter Saya, a mysterious and beautiful Japanese woman with a deep, dark, secret. She just happens to be a vampire hunter for a secret society know...

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Series 7: The Contender (2001)

Now reality television has taken things way to far! Series seven is the story of six very unlucky people, chosen to be contestants on a show that pit’s people againgst complete strangers in a match to the death. Or at...

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The Sequel: Good Or Bad?

You’ve read the title correctly, and I have to ask, are sequels actually needed? I guess it depend’s on who you ask and where you look. I mean some case’s we find the sequel to be better then the film before. I...

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Get Him To The Greek: 2010

A young intern (Jonah Hill) is appointed the task of escorting british bad-boy, and all around Rock-God, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), to a sold out concert at the Greek Theather in Los Angeles from his home in London. However...

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