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Two Lovers

     In October 2008, Joaquin Phoenix announced that he was retiring from acting to pursue a music career and that Two Lovers would be his final movie. Some people believe Phoenix’s career change is just a hoax to gain...

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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

     Video games, like comic books, have been the basis of many movies. Some have been pretty good like the Laura Croft: Tomb Raider movies and some have been pretty bad like Wing Commander and Super Mario Bros. This is director...

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The International

    Banks have been taking a pounding in the press these days for mismanagement, begging for bailouts from the government, and for executives receiving bonuses after doing a bad job. The International will do nothing to improve...

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     Governments around the world have dreamed about having an army of psychics at their disposal. Nazi Germany, Russia and even the United States developed programs to explore the possibilities of creating such armies. Now,...

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Marley & Me

     First there was Hooch from Tuner & Hooch, then came Beethoven from the Beethoven movies and now the newest addition to the “Dogs Gone Wild” litter is a lab named Marley. Marley & Me is directed by David...

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