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The Social Network

It is rare in Hollywood to find a movie that has the perfect combination of direction, writing, and acting. In Colombia Pictures’ The Social Network, director David Fincher, screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin, and the cast form such...

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Jackass 3D

I’m not going to say that the new Jackass in 3D is the best or funniest movie I have seen in a while, but that gang of buddies is just insane and is still having the time of their lives. The stunts are hilarious, crazier,...

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127 Hours

It is difficult to write about this movie because Aron Ralston’s story truly speaks for itself. The plot of the movie, based on the true story, allows for a rare correct usage of the word unbelievable. The film has many...

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Black Swan

Director Darren Aronofsky has the unique talent of temporarily usurping the mind of his audience. Black Swan was carefully and eloquently designed. The film, at its core, is about something beautiful and pure; dance. As the...

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