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Film Review: Rango (2011)

Over the years, Pixar has pretty much dominated the field of CG animated films. Sure, there have been plenty of competitors, such as Dreamworks (‘Shrek’) and Blue Sky (‘Ice Age’) but nobody has really...

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Film Review: Unknown (2011)

Since ‘Unknown’ was announced, the internet has been abuzz with talk of it being another ‘Taken’, a film responsible for rebranding Liam Neeson as an action-man of sorts. And why not? ‘Taken’...

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Film Review: Ironclad (2010)

There are plenty of lower-budget independent films that have gone on to be more critically acclaimed and more financially profitable than big-budget Hollywood pictures. What is rare, however, is an indie film that masquerades as...

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Film Review: Hereafter (2010)

In the trailers, shots of a tsunami and a smoking London tube station tell us to expect disasters. From all over the world, people track down Matt Damon, who used to be a psychic but really doesn’t want to communicate with...

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