Author: ced.yuen

Film Review: Thor (2011)

The final pieces of Marvel’s master plan are falling into place. Developing their key characters one film at a time and sowing the seeds of hype with post-credit teases, Marvel have prepared for ‘The Avengers’ with...

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Film Review: The Veteran (2011)

At the end of 2008’s ‘The Hurt Locker’, an ex-soldier struggles to choose which type of cereal to buy. Accustomed to life-or-death situations, he is incapable of such a trivial decision. It’s a brief...

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Film Review: Source Code (2011)

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up on a train, with no idea how he got there. A total stranger (Michelle Monaghan) treats him like an acquaintance. His reflection in the window shows him another person’s...

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