Author: Carrie Holtz

Dear John

The books of Nicholas Sparks are getting the film treatment quite often these days.  Dear John is just another film product based on the words written by Sparks.  The film tells the story of John Tyree (Channing Tatum), an army...

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Letters to Juliet

A touching love story at its core, Letters to Juliet reminds viewers that second chances and destiny can be mutually exclusive. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young professional woman who is trying to start her journalism career...

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Adam is a romantic drama that isn’t exactly a romantic drama, but more a story of two people brought together randomly who happen to fall for one another.  Hugh Dancy plays the title character and he happens to suffer from a...

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Standing Still

There are many movies that don’t make it to the big screen, but are still relatively entertaining and this is one of those movies.  Standing Still is an ensemble comedy about a group of friends who come together as two of their...

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Struggling to find a way to produce a script for his next film, director Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis) begins to have musical fantasies involving all of the women in his life.  Nine is a film based on the 1982 musical of the...

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