Author: beastyboybeiler

Battle L.A.

Battle L.A.    (116 min) The problem was not the acting in a film that required very little. This movie seemed like a competition to see how many explosions they could cram in 2 hours of run time. The explosions were not bad but...

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The Runaways

The Runaways  (106 min) This movie is as “rock and roll” as the two chicks playing in it. These two chicks are Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, and they play their roles as two troubled and rebellious teenage girls, who just...

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Cyrus  (91 min) This is a bad case of the momma’s boy at its worst. We have our main character with John C. Reilly, who plays a single guy (John) down on his luck with his ex-wife getting remarried and has got not much else...

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