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Due Date

Due Date  (95 min) The movie has its moments but for the most part it is just an hour and a half of stupid antics that no one would be stupid enough to do. Galifinalkis’ character is the ring leader of these idiotic antics and I...

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Green Lantern

Green Lantern  (114 min) I am a Green Lantern nerd all the way. So this movie was sweet for me. My nerd side says great movie, my critical side says pretty good. The visuals are nice the acting is adequate and even riveting at...

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Biutiful  (148 min)             “Biutiful” speaks for itself. It is a beautiful film. Visceral and deep and beautifully acted. Javier Bardem grips us with his performance and keeps us engaged in the film the whole way. Uxbal is...

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Another Year

Another Year  (129 min) I did not really understand. I did not get the point of such a movie as this. I mean it is basically just life as a happy couple who deals with other people’s sorrow. Sure it is real as well as real deep...

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Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens   (118 min) There is no beating around the bush in this movie. It is pretty straight forward that is for sure. “Cowboys and Aliens” does indeed involve both cowboys and aliens to say the least, and they do a...

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