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The Strangers

Ladies, hold on to your boyfriends!  This is one terrifying movie!!  I, for one, cannot remember a time when I have screamed so loud in a movie theater.  Literally clutching the armrest, screaming!!  I really feel that those who...

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Lady Sings the Blues

Look, I know nothing about Billie Holiday. I knew she was a jazz singer. That’s it. Funny thing is…I don’t know much more about her after having seen the movie based on her life. But that’s not to say...

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Well, what can I say?? This movie is almost un-reviewable. It is exactly what you would expect from a huge summer blockbuster movie. Pretty people put in unbelievable (read: unrealistic and moronic) circumstances that allow for...

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Hard Candy

An extremely intense, brilliantly performed two-person character study centering on an adolescent girl (Ellen Page) and a pedophile (Patrick Wilson) who connect with each other over the internet. One of the reasons that I think...

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The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Well, first off, this movie really depends on your tolerance and personal enjoyment of Andrew Dice Clay and his particular brand of comedy, as this is a vehicle specifically designed for him. So, if you’re not a fan,...

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