Author: Balthus Priest

Paper Hearts

I wasn’t expecting a documentary when I rented this movie. No external source evidenced to me that this was a documentary, but regardless I enjoyed the movie. Charline Yi proposed to do a documentary, inquiring of...

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The Echelon Conspiracy

  So basically think of the movie Eagle Eye and you have the basic plot for this action adventure. Starring Shane West and Vhing Rhames, this movie manages to pull through a semi-OK performance. I think that my predilections for...

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I’m not kidding when I say this movie was a thrill a second virtual roller coaster that showered down on us shards of glass from plummeting skyscrapers and explosions of fiery ash into are eyes. This movie topped The Day...

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Cold Souls

   Paul Giamatti as Paul Giamatti, I knew it would be interesting, but I felt a little unfulfilled in the actual engagement I felt in the film. The actor himself evoked a very impassioned and at points comedic performance, but...

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The Stepfather

   So I heard someone say in the theatre, that this was a knock off of Disturbia. Maybe it bares a resemblance, but Dylan Walsh’s (Nip tuck) character seems far more developed and far more intriguing than David Morse ( 16...

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