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*As seen at the 7th Annual All Canadian northbayfilmfestival*Don’t you hate it when a film does nothing? Absolutely nothing. There’s potentially a good story there and, with a very open and creative director, the...

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Shutter Island

Scosese, for me, has been a mixed bag. His older films, like Casino, are amazing, however, I haven’t been a huge fan of Martin Scorsese’s recent films. I thought The Aviator was good but is filled with a lot of...

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Valentine’s Day

Love. Chocolates. Big extravagant dinners. Finding out how to impress that hot date of yours. Many people think about these elements when Valentine’s Day starts to creep up on us. This is also the chance for Hollywood to...

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Dear John

Ever since A Walk To Remember and The Notebook hit theatres and touched the hearts of many across the world, Hollywood has been tapping into every one of Nicholas Sparks’ books and adapting them for the screen. The latest...

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Youth in Revolt

When it comes to releasing movies, many refer to the first few months of a new year as “the dump months”. It is rumoured here that when studios don’t have enough faith in a movie or a target audience is yet to...

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