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The Runaways review

In 1975, the idea of an all female rock music group was out of the question. In the film The Runaways, Joan Jett, played by Kristen Stewart, is learning how to play guitar by her teacher, played by Robert Romanus (some may...

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The Back-Up Plan review

Don’t you love titles that have double meanings? I sure do. This one in particular almost feels as if the insult is too easy. Title jokes usually feel like cheap shots and I would love to take a higher road in this...

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IMAX: Hubble Review

The IMAX format has been used in many ways in the past. It can be used to better establish environments such as the outside exterior shots featured in The Dark Knight. It can be used with a 3D format to help throw the audience...

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Many people use different mediums to emote and use as therapy. Some people write, some people paint or sculpt, but for filmmaker Jonathan Caouette, he collected every picture, home movie, and video diary he has ever had and made...

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The Spy Next Door

Jackie Chan is a one of a kind. Not only is he known for his incredible martial arts skills but in most of his films, he comes off as a charming guy who wants to make his audiences have fun while watching his many films. Over...

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