Three friends, Jared, Travis, and Billy Ray, answer an online ad and invitation to have sex with an older woman. The horny boys drive their way to a secluded location, where they are greeted by a woman in her trailer home. After a few drinks offered to them, they find themselves passing out in confusion, and waking up to the horror of being captive by a religious fundamentalist group lead by Pastor Abin Cooper.

As the poster states, “Red State” is an unlikely film written and directed by that Kevin Smith. The director ventures into more serious ground, moving from writing and directing memorable comedies, to writing, directing, as well as self-distributing his 2011 real-life horror that has his characters in a panic after being kidnapped by a sinister religious fundamentalist organization, and are exposed to the disturbing events that take place behind the closed doors of the groups church.

Kevin Smith’s film is ingenious. Its not surprising that he didn’t keep this serious all the way. It was unpredictable, with humorous twists along the way. Religion is always a sensitive topic to put to film. Kevin Smith makes it fun. He showed us the funny side of religious belief in “Dogma (1999)”, and in this film, he takes religious belief to crazy levels, arming religious cult with automatic weapons. The shootout is brilliant and brutal. Guns blaze, bullets fly, bodies drop, and blood is all over the field, as the feds storm the hostile fort.

A notable performance by Michael Parks as Pastor Abin Cooper. Those monologue sermons were convincingly good, and his presence alone is commanding, and pretty much sent a serious chill down my spine.

This was good and something new from the director.