Pulse stars Veronica Mars hot young thing Kristin Bell, singer Christina milan and Rick Gonzolez.  It is rated R unless you get the unrated version, pretty much for scenes of intense violence and supernatural horror (no blood).  The movie runs an hour and twenty-eight minutes long.

This movie is an electric horror.  It stars Kristin Bell as Maddie, a young woman whose friend/boyfriend (not totally sure) commits suicide.  She finds that he had a secret, and he had unleashed something on the world, something that he wishes he could take back, something that sucks the will to live from those who interact with it.  Everyone end up dying, killing themselves or just disappearing.  Maddie tries to find what has happened, and with the help of a handsome young man that she has never met before she learns who started it all and how they might be able to stop it.  With the loss of a few friends along the way, she tries her hardest to stay alive.  Everyone succumbs to the dead and give their lives over, becoming one of them.  In the end the dead rule the cities, but they can only get you through electricity and cell phones.  Don’t use the internet.  Don’t use the cell phone.  When asked what they want they want what they haven’t got anymore: Life.

Based on a Japanese movie titled Kairo this is an interesting interpretation, and it make a little more sense than the Japanese version does.  I enjoyed one of the main points of the movie, that we are too dependant on our cell phones and computers to keep in touch with others and loved ones.  Reaching out isn’t that hard, through a letter or a visit (well these days with gas prices) and unless we want to become a living zombieland where everyone sits in front of their webcams and intamacy involves devices like the one in Demolition Man Sandra Bullock uses to seduce Stallone, maybe we need to put away the computer and drop the cell phone.  In the end Maddie does just that, leaving the modern world behind in hopes of surviving the return of the dead.  They reach out and murder your will to live, and they prevail. 

The visuals in this movie were very well done.  Most of the supernatural beings were so limited and fuzzy that it gave the viewer room to imagine who they wanted, or what they might fear.  There is one scene especially where on of Maddie’s friends loses his battle with the evil undead and disappears into a wall.  It is a great scene that mixes visuals with horror.  Could you really die and dissappear so that all that is left of you is a black stain?  That is what most of the deaths ask. 

Problems: well the creation of this virus, the release of these beings, is never explained well enough to satisfy me.  I didn’t really understand why the dead were coming back, or what had allowed them to come back.  I also didn’t understand how the boyfriend had released this virus onto the world.  It didn’t make sense to me, and to be honest I feel that sometimes horror films rely too much on scare tactics and not enough on plot and story.  I wanted a little more, a little more description and reasoning.  A little more about why the boyfriend had  been hacking into things and released this thing.  Was he a hacker for a job or was he a hacker for fun?  What did he gain?  Plus why wasn’t the government more involved?

I say to everyone if you like watching different things watch the Japanese version of this film and then this film.  If you like horror movies this one isn’t really that scary, but if you like visual horror movies then you should see this movie.  It has some pretty good special effects.  If you want a really fun movie, don’t see this one, watch Enchanted, that one was great fun.