Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Darcy (Kate Hudson) have been best friends since childhood. They shared everything together until Rachel went off to law school while Darcy remained Darcy and living a wild party-type life. They even shared the same love interest when Rachel is having dinner with a classmate named Dex (Colin Egglesfield) until Darcy comes along and takes him for herself. Six years later, Darcy and Dex are getting married with Rachel being the maid of honor. Will Rachel express her true feeling to Dex before he says “I do?” Will Darcy find out about Rachel’s crush and disown her as a friend? Did Dex ever have feelings for Rachel? 



I enjoyed watching this film; a lovely romantic comedy for a date night. I felt that Kate’s character was a little over the top with being loud, obnoxious, and always wanting to be the center of attention but that’s just her character and it works. I found Ginnifer’s character to be sweet and shy and a “yes ma’am” kind of person because she does whatever Darcy wants to make her happy. Other well-known characters make this movie a package with Rachel’s best guy friend, Ethan (John Krasinski from the Office) with his great listening ear and pushy attitude for Rachel to fight for happiness. I loved the ending and was happy that I didn’t shed a tear, which I am prone to on these types of films. All in all, I will see this film again.