Good ideas seem to come in pairs in Hollywood, and usually by coincidence. Movies have this tendency to come out together with remarkably similar plots. Some examples: “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact”, “Tombstone” and “Wyatt Earp”, “Volcano” and “Daunte’s Peak”. This was of course (ironically) referenced in the imensely popular summer 2007 hit “Knocked Up”, which was followed in the fall by “Juno”, which went on to recieve 4 Academy Award nominations, and won one (very well deserved) award for best original screenplay by Diablo Cody.

Having watched “Juno” for the second (and third, and fourth and fifth) time now upon it’s release on DVD, I can’t explain just how good the film is. Really you just have to see it. As an avid movie fanatic, it comes as such a welcome breath of fresh air and is such a charming, witty and unbelievably adorable movie, that you almost can’t believe it while watching it. It’s not a complicated plot, and doesn’t go into any unexpected or unfamilar areas for romantic comedy. It ends how you would expect it to end, and gets there exactly how you would expect it to get there.

But there’s something else going on with little “Juno”…

It has tremendous heart, and it wears it on it’s sleeve for 96 minutes and dares anyone to watch it and not be entranced. Not love it. Not be alterred after watching it. You cheer for this character, and all the characters. Subtext is an area where many a film has faltered, but where the great films succeed brilliantly. “Juno” is such a film, a great film and will remind even the coldest cynic why movies are made.

A great movie will entertain us, make us laugh, make us cry and make us identify and thus make us think. But we will think without thinking. It doesn’t weigh the movie down for us to do so, no…its this very act of making us think, of “getting in our heads”, that makes the movie great and makes it stick around for awhile after watching it. This seperates the great films from the really good or good ones. Complete with deleted scenes, outtakes and a immensely entertaining commentary track, this DVD is a must own for even the most casual of movie fans.

With all my heart, I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. It is such a rare and rewarding film experience to see movies like this one. A little movie, with a lot to say…