Superhero movies do not seem to be the strong suit of summer 2011. This is quite disheartening provided the fact that the teaser trailers have been out of this world and the expectations set by them are some of the highest in recent cinema. Such marketing campaigns need to be reconsidered or more over the entire production on its whole need to be reassessed! If you recall the trailer from the SKYLINE and the movie that followed it, that by far tops my list as of today as the most misleading trailer ever to be made. This being said GREEN LANTERN tags not far behind the same path. 

Allow me to break this down to you readers. 

A Superhero movie: It has been, it is and it always will be taken for granted that a Superhero movies success is closely knit with its visual effects. More specifically a science fiction (Sci-Fi) movie will always require a mass amount of its production energy focused on its visual effects. From the times of Christopher Reeves since 1978 as the Man of Steel to the times of Christian Bale as Batman; visual effects (CGI) always has been at its best as per the times. I am not too sure if it is the year 2011; however “finesse” seems to have been thrown to the scoundrels. GREEN LANTERN closely followed by THOR has been putrid in terms of its visuals and this is exactly where the movie lost me. I refuse to live in the year 2011, have satellites orbit the earth connecting us all closer than ever, have technology boom and burst through its seams, use mobile phones, tablet PCs and have to sit through a movie that would have been done better with an 8MM back in the day! I simply will not tolerate it. Would you? 

Planet Ryut is where the Green Lantern Corp originates from with a very proud and pompous history. I recall having a bedroom poster of TOY STORY back from 1995 that had Buzz Light Year yelling “to infinity and beyond” that was more realistic than the visuals of Planet Ryut! Buzz Light Year was a meant to be a TOY! To be selected to the Green Lantern Corp is considered as one of the highest of honors and the greatest of responsibilities and this was the best director Martin Campbell could do? Is it a just portrayal of the esteemed corps? It looked a hybrid of SHARK TALE and FINDING NEMO! A shame is what this is taking into consideration Campbell did quite a good job on CASINO ROYALE. I am convinced that the genre of Sci-Fi is most definitely not Mr.Campbells forte. I would not doubt his directorial talents and neither should any one of you. EDGE OF DARKNESS and CASINO ROYALE were great movies and there are no obvious flaws in them. 

The Color Green: This is also one more factor that I believe need to be discussed. I am not an individual that believes in superstition. However I am very thorough with my movies and if I may highlight, all superhero movies that had Green heroes never made it massive at the box office so far. The Green Goblin and the amazing portrayal of The Joker by the late Heath Ledger cannot be factored in since they are considered supporting villains in movie titles after a different superhero. Let’s take a look at THE HULK. Apart from the Lou Ferrigno original it never did succeed. Eric Bana tried his best and so did Edward Norton; two very talented actors. The movies never made a name. They never remained in our hearts or minds. If they used the money that they put into making all those HULK movies, they could have actually made a real HULK!! 

Superhero fans I have warned you! It’s no SPIDERMAN and it’s no BATMAN. Ryan Reynolds is brilliant. He is all what you need to be. He is fearless, he is cocky and he is confident. He is all that a human needs to be in order to be sought after by the RING. Ryan Reynolds great effort by you! Martin Campbell please stick to action flicks and superhero fans save your money and be patient till it premiers on HBO, Star Movies or OSN! 

This is how I see it, nothing more and nothing less. 

Title: Green Lantern

Directed by: Steve Campbell

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins & Taika Waititi

Rated: PG13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action

Rating: 04/10

123 Minutes