“Awake” stars the hot and sexy Jessica Alba and the usual monotoned Hayden Christensen. It’s written and directed by Joby Harold. This is his first step into the spotlight of directing with Awake being his first entry into filmography.

Joby Harold explores a lurid real-life phenomenon known as anesthesia awareness in his directorial debut “Awake”. Clay Beresford is a happily married and extremely wealthy man who has a weak heart and must undergo a long, and in this case, very painful experience involving a heart transplant.

Although there is a moment that will make the faint of heart queasy and possibly encourage you to think twice about surgery, “Awake” is a film that tries much to hard to please it’s audience. When it’s all over, it’s as if Joby Harold has his hands on his knees, out of breath and gasping for air. There are enough twists in this movie to make your head spin and the majority of them can be predicted without effort. For a directorial debut, this does have minimal style.

Hayden Christensen reprises the role that he has played numerous times before and, like most of the time, without a glimpse of true acting skills. Once again he is a rich and lazy voiced character with a preppy look. The sketchy chemistry between Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba was intentional for some crucial plot points in the film. This I respect. I believe that most of the flaws are based on lack of direction. This is a film that is very limited in its creepiness. Even though it does have a moment of nearly unbearable intensity, it drifts off into an ineffective experience once you get pass Clay’s inner-thoughts of sheer pain.

It is amazing how many twist and turns this film takes. One fresh and jaw-dropping twist would have justified the needs of most moviegoers. Instead, we have nearly uncountable twists that don’t quite surprise us when we figure most of them out way beforehand. Jessica Alba gives another mildly mediocre performance and relies on her good looks to be charming. Not a bad thing, but does this beautiful woman actually have any acting abilities? One actor in this movie has proven his skills in acting before. Terrance Howard, although not in the top of his game, gives a marginally well performance as one of the surgens.  Most of these problems are just lack of experience and will hopefully upgrade when or if Joby Harold makes his next feature film. I am eager to see if improves.