Moneyball   (133 min)

This movie is all business. Literally it is all business. The core of the movie follows the behind the scenes of the incredibly true story of how Billy Beane, along with the help of Peter Brand, made a team statistically with Oakland Athletics and how they accomplished a 20 game winning streak. He also did this, might I add, with the team who had the lowest salary cap in the game. Do not go into this movie expecting it to have a lot of thrilling sports scenes where it shows the games being played in full. Director Bennett Miller chooses but a few carefully crafted and selected scenes to put in involving the actual action of the game. Most of it is smart dialogue involving Brad Pitt, who plays Billy Beane and Jonah Hill, who plays Peter Brand. They are both convincing in their roles. Brad Pitt plays Billy with determination and confidence. Jonah Hill plays Brand in a reserved and quiet manner which seems to work perfectly in this situation. The one thing I did not enjoy as a baseball fanatic myself is that some of the players did not look anywhere near close to what the actual players look like. I mean they could have tried a little harder at least but that is minor. The movie is well made, and it keeps our interest without having to resort to much action. The dialogue, acting and directing seem to be done well enough to hold our attention and keep it till the end, which is forceful, moving and heartfelt. It is solid from beginning to end. “Moneyball” is rated PG -13 for some strong language.