Unrated this movie has a lot of blood, gore, killing and nudity, so be aware of what you will be seeing.  It is an hour and twenty-four minutes long.  Starring Joel Moore, Deon Richmond, Robert Englund and Kane Hodder.

Deformity takes the stage in this horror flick.  It is about a house in the New Orleans background that houses a man and his deformed son.  There is a fire started by a group of children and the house burns, to the horror of the father, whose son is still inside.  Years later the story is that the ghost of the deformed boy, Victor, haunts the woods killing whomever gets in his way.  A group of unsuspecting people, varied by job and reason for being in the tour boat, fall prey to the horrible monster when their tour boat sinks.  One by one they are horrible mutilated and murdered, until only a few remain standing. 

Gore is prominent in this movie, which isn’t as scary as it could have been.  There is a lot of nudity, and some of it made me uncomfortable because it sounded like a guy who was videotaping a girl flashing her breasts was her father.  Turns out he wasn’t but the wording was a little off.  the most interesting spots in this movie were all of the creative death scenes.  A lot of the ways people were killed were inventive and horrible, and the sound effects were fantastic, so you almost cringed yourself when at least one of the victims is crushed.

Dissapointing movie though in the fact that it wasn’t a very scary movie, which wasn’t surprising since many movies that bill themselves as horror movies these days are really not.  While the death scenes were fun and creative, they were the only real things I cared about in this movie (although if you are interested in female anatomy there are breasts aplenty in this flick), and they really weren’t enough to carry this movie on. 

If you want to see a movie with a lot of death and some comedic lines, I suggest this movie, but I don’t think this movie will be good for you if you are looking for a horror film.  It has some moments of fear for those who scare easily, but if you love the horror genre and love watching horror films, then you might just want to watch this for the death and gore.