Machete  (105 min)

Mindless entertainment is what I expected from this movie. What I got was the entertainment but it wasn’t as mindless as it was humorous and true. Mexican immigration is a conflict that our country has been facing the past few years. This is showing it from the Mexican’s side though and it is shown with much resent and anger. Americans are the bad guys in this situation. It will show Mexicans attempting to cross the border but not before being quickly and harshly rejected by the American forces patrolling the border. They will sometimes even just shoot crossing Mexicans if they get caught. Where it does go a little mindless is with the violence and sex, but it is all just a humorous advantage that the film takes full control of, brilliantly involving it to fit in with the story. Plus there is nothing wrong with a little mindless entertainment, especially if the mindless entertainment is indeed entertaining, which it is in “Machete”. “Machete” is rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity.