Flight attendants, Jenny (Mercedes Masohn) and Paula (Bre Blair), are set for a usual day at work of tending to angry passengers and passengers trying to get away with the mile high club. The night of unexpected events begin when a passenger becomes severely ill and tries to break into the captain’s cabin. After several people restrain him, the plane goes into an emergency landing for the arrest of the irate man and medical assistance to his bite to Paula’s face. They land at the terminal only to discover that they are locked in or quarantined because their place is infected by a hazardous virus. With people one by one turning into rabid attacking zombies, Jenny and the remanding few must find a way to escape.  



            I loved part one, the American version. Their acting just seemed so realistic like the events were actually happening. Part two has a slight taste of Hollywood in it, which is to be expected, but I still enjoyed viewing it. I like that the outbreak happens on a jet plane of all places because there are not a lot of places to run or hide; which puts suspense in the film. I believe the fear in part one’s main character is far more believable than Jenny’s. The rabid people were fast and loud and hungry, all pleasing to watch and raise my Adeline a little. I did not enjoy the end of the story as much. The ending in part one was great and somewhat unexpected but in this one, the ending was just a tad clique. All in all, I will see this film again.