Cataleya (Amandla Stenberg-age 10/Zoe Saldana) experienced the worst moment of her life at the age of ten when she watched her parents get murdered. With the help of the U.S. C.I.A., she travels from Columbia to Chicago to live with a family friend. From that moment on, she wants to become a killer and avenge her father. Fifteen years later, she has killed many men affiliated with her father’s killer, sending him a message that she will find him. FBI agents are tracking every move she makes for the arrest. Will she avenge her father’s death? Will the FBI capture her? Will Cataleya and the FBI team up to fight against the town’s corruption?  




            Well, going into the film, I already knew what to expect from the film; a complete eye candy show. I was right. This film lacks the proper intelligence on how she killed so many men so easily. Sure, they show her in the act in a one-piece spandex and another in a tank top and black undies, but there isn’t any smarts to it like Salt with Angelina Jolie. I didn’t like the fight scenes (though lack thereof) and I wasn’t convinced that she really wanted to avenge her father. The only part I like about the film is that she is nice to look at, which I’m sure is what the production companies and casting crew was aiming for. All in all, it’s not a horrible movie but I will never see this film again.