Oliver Tate (Roberts), is fairly unpopular at school. Yet, he manages to land a girlfriend in Jordana (Paige), a girl with the liking for anarchy. His parents are having a rocky relationship, and to make things worse, his mother’s ex-lover moves in next door, and Oliver suspects an affair. He plans to lose his virginity to Jordana and be the best boyfriend in the world, while trying to save his parents relationship, by stopping his mum’s affair from further happening.

“Submarine” is a coming of age British comedy/drama, and is the big screen film directional debut for director Richard Ayoade. The film is based on a novel of the same name written by Joe Dunthrone. It is both smart and funny, and a successful debut film for Richard Ayoade, who makes his innovative cinematic brilliance known with this film.

Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige are quite enjoyable playing the roles of young lovers Oliver and Jordana. Roberts presence is funny in itself, as he oddly stands centered on the screen, speaking his mind with a brilliant vocabulary.

The overall look and feel of this film is great. A very fresh take to the usual coming of age piece. Very quirky and off-beat, and has a dry humorous feel to it. Has it moments accompanied by the enjoyable sound track. Nicely narrated by Roberts himself. Its like listening to pages off a novel. A nice look at the highs and lows of being a “youth”and finding your place.

Enjoyed this.