Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Grollings (Nick Frost) are on holiday from London to the US to visit Comic Con. After the event, they continue on to tour the country to famous locations where aliens have been spotted. Expecting only to see landmarks and props, a car crash happens before them and when they get out seeing if the person is okay, it is an alien named Paul. For the past sixty years, the government and America has been using Paul for alien ideas and information to help the society and the entertainment business such as films. Paul escapes when they now want to cut him open and see where the ideas come from. Graeme and Clive agree to go on an adventure to take Paul back to where his ship first broke down but there are government agents on their trail. Will Paul make it back home? Will Graeme and/or Clive get hurt protecting Paul? Does Paul has a hidden agenda and is using the two men to lure them into a trap? 



            First off, what and why. What were the casting crew and director thinking casting Jason Bateman to play a tough government agent? He really didn’t fit into that role and he looked uncomfortable playing it. Why does the director think making an alien cool is by using a lot of unnecessary curse words, smoke marijuana, and performs idiotic stunts such as mooning? It’s not that I hate this film; it’s more that I was completely bored. I love Simon and Nick together in a movie every since “Shaun of the Dead” but this film didn’t suit them at all. I also noticed fearful acting from all of the characters, meaning it didn’t look like the actors were into their characters and was just giving the bare minimum. Maybe it is the script, either way, it was pathetic. All in all, I will never view this film again.