The epic conclusion to the harry potter franchise has finally arrived. A tribute to J.K Rowling and her novels, finally comes to an end. Harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. Directed by David Yates who has been working for the past 3 films has again took this into his hand. I must say among the David Yates movies, this part was the best to remember.

The story continues right from where the part one ended. Voldemort stealing the elder wand and showing its potential in the sky by giving a spell. Down inside the deep , and dark gloomy Hogwarts is professor snape who is awaiting for something. There goes the title and movie begins exactly , where we were left behind 8 months ago. Harry and his friends ron and Hermione are in a place where they would like to seek the elderwand maker. After a brief conversation harry opens up that the wand is now not in the hands of the good. Trio plan to break into the gringotts and try to destroy the horcrux which are left behind. During such encounters , harry visions voldemort planning himself to target Hogwarts and rest of the horcruxes are being there and something to do with Ravenclaw. Now the battle between good and evil ensues. The wands are finally ready to clash.

Narration in the movie is very good. We get through the movie superbly without any confusions and dilemma. The proceedings are very well understood and the connection scenes of harry and voldemort are really perfect. Their encounter is really charming. The scenes involved in the memory are perfectly narrated and we understand the depth in it with much precision.

Character development in the movie is excellent. We have already all the characters background, but we are waiting for one single character left out to be developed. Guess what “Severus Snape “. His character is the most important one in the movie and this has been done for perfection.

Performances are very good and are real standouts. Daniel Radcliffe is very good as Boy who lived and also the boy who takes decision to make the ultimate sacrifice. Emma Watson and Rupert grint are super together and their on screen chemistry is funny and serious at many instances. Ralph fiennes as the evil Voldemort , did awesome job. He was quite angry, worried and also gloomed at the sight with the unbelievable in front of him. His chemistry with Daniel is the best so far and the final battle shows the power and awesomeness in the movie. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape did the neatest job. His role in the movie is the crux and soul and he did it with pin point technique. Micheal Gambon, Gary Oldman many others have short cameos and they too excelled in their screen time. Maggie Smith does a most important job in one scene and I very much liked her acting there. Rest others were good enough and they did their respective jobs. One thing to mention is about the real hero in the movie is Neville Longbottom , my hero and my boy who takes the sword of Griffindoor and makes perfect slash at the crucial time. Oh my boy, He was perfect.

Dialogues in the movie are another asset to the movie. They are emotional , gripping, crucial and also funny at some cases. They are real stand outs at perfect ways. Some dialogues are just sub dued.

Technically movie is stellar and in 3D I think it is just about good. Scenes are not properly focused in 3D and this makes some disturbance. This is the only harry potter movie in full 3D and I did not find really gripping and attractive. Of course some scenes had their depth and effects. But rest of the movie was just ok in 3D. Music is good and war cry was missing. The last scene had the best score ever of John Williams and I thank Alexander Desplat to do that with perfection. Cinematography and Camera work were stellar. The CGI effects and visual effects were brilliant and definite worthy for an Oscar. Editing was top notch in second half and during the small war scene, they had the perfect work.

So finally , harry potter comes to an end. It’s a movie for all genres. The main reason is that war scenes are sub dued and deaths are not shown. Only their corpses are shown and that too to a limited time. No bloody violence is in the movie. So any person from twelve can watch this movie.

Bottom line: If I met the boy who lived, I may ask him to resurrect Severus Snape. He was the best in the movie. Deathly hallows part two is the shortest of the series which is captured for perfection and smartly directed. It is dark, strongly scripted, emotionally satisfying , technically stellar , with power packed performance by Alan Rickman. I give deathly hallows A+