Griff (Ryan Kwanten), is a often bullied office worker by day, and a vigilante superhero by night. He meets his match when he is introduced to Melody (Maeve Dermody), his brothers girlfriend, who is a scientist herself and shares the same interest when believing in the impossible.

An Australian off-beat comedy written and directed by Leon Ford. The film combines its imaginative vigilante superhero plot with a light dose of humor and romance. The film stars Australian actors Ryan Kwanten and Maeve Dermody.

Interesting film here. Reminds me so much of “Defendor (2009)” which starred Woody Harrelson in a similar role, and in a similar plot, and is quite comparable to this Australian piece. Gets me wondering if this was actually a mimic of the 2009 film.

The film plays a lot with the creativeness and imagination of the characters involved. The off-beat romance comes as a plus to the fairly interesting story line. Was very much predictable though, especially if you’ve seen Peter Stebbings “Defendor”, which was actually much darker and a bit more enjoyable than this.