There I was walking through and airplane (yes an airplane) and caught a glimpse of Morgan Freeman on screen. Taking a moment I gazed into the screen for a moment guessing it was a trailer of RED. It wasn’t, instead it is The Maiden Heist. This is how I became familiar with the title and that’s how events led me to end up right here right now. 

What is the most appropriate word to convey my feelings on the title? Let me think…….. Intrigued? Yes that’s the right word. I was intrigued when I realized there was a Morgan Freeman movie on the likes of RED (If you have not watched red, its high time you did).It’s always a pleasure and privilege to see some well experienced greats in action, it’s like being a kid and really enjoying playing a game of cricket or catch with the old folk. The Maiden Heist starring Christopher Walken, William Macy and Morgan Freeman, is a simple light hearted movie with gentle humor and a plain plot. Three museum security guards; Rogers (Walken), George (Macy) and Charles (Freeman) are passionate lovers of the arts. Over the years the men worse; the museum curator decides to ship the displayed artifacts to a museum in Denmark. The veteran security guards are unable to fathom the idea of losing the precious artifacts and conjure up a devious plan to steal them prior to it being flown to Denmark and out of sight forever. 

Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William Macy are highly talented actors with very powerful and strong personas. There is a lot of controlled underplaying done by them all to keep the plot simple. In fact I am taken quite by surprise to see Morgan Freeman to be playing a quite effeminate security guard instead of being his commanding self. Christopher Walken who toys mostly with eccentric portrayals in fact is obviously trying hard to keep his character afloat as a man who is dominated by his wife. William Macy is not outdone by them, Macy is unbelievably hilarious, especially when he ends up stark naked and is captured on CCTV footage and his love for naked statue. Director Peter Hewitt struck gold with his cast. Although this movie has been the last of his directorial efforts so far, I am sure this cast he worked with is most certainly an all-star cast that he will not forget for a long time. 

Simply a wonderful movie, very gentle in every aspect and it’s a welcome change to see such great names do a lighter version of a heist and not altogether be called a disaster. However research on this title shows that it has not fared well at the box office. I am starting to believe it was entirely an advertising flaw, for starters, I had never heard of it until 5 days ago. I am glad I did. Better late than never!

 Title: The Maiden Heist

Directed by: Peter Hewitt

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, William Macy & Marcia Gay Harden

Rated: PG13 for strong language, nudity and some brief fantasy violence.

Rated: 07/10

90 Minutes