Probably i will make you remember that the batman begins ended up with joker card. Here we expect the joker in the movie. Does he live up to expectations! Lets see!

Christopher Nolan brings in the dark knight. I always wonder why his movies does not have title at the beginning? The reason is that he brings the viewers right away into the movie. So coming to Dark knight the movie opens with a bank heist scene and one by one mob are killing each other and are finally taken over by joker. Joker’s face at the beginning is somewhat dark and then for sometime we do not see him. He returns back again, but this time with full make up. He breaks open a mob meeting and plans to kill batman and take half of the amount. Joker is a pyschopath, mind invader and terrorizing maniac. Meanwhile batman and Gordon are cleaning the streets. Harvey dent a new DA has put positions and he does not like the batman cleaning up things. He says he is a scum! You either die a hero or live as long to see become a villain. Harvey thinks batman is trying to get something. Joker starts playing games and with the impostors he begins and batman is now forced to unmask himself and take the charge for all the laws he has broken, but not for the mad man. Joker starts killing mayor, judges , police forces and sets his rules. It is his world now! Welcome to a world without rules!. What happens then? Watch the movie!

Coming to the story telling and narrative , we get a good script and we do not care whether joker is there or not? All we care that this is Nolan’s movie and yes everything is right in there. Even in the absense of joker we do not lose interest. The reason is the dialogues in the movie that defines characters including the joker. For example, he says how I got these scars ! and explains in two different situations and this is awesome! In certain scenes there are dialogues that are really crazy! Joker does it. Nolan and everyone did a fantastic job.

Performances are top notch. Starting with Christian bale as bruce wayne / batman. He is perfect. Heath Ledger as Joker is simply awesometacular. His expressions, body language and of course the evil laugh , are really the best one can get. Micheal caine as Alfred explaining the nature of joker in an unusual way is superb. Aaron Echart as Harvey dent/ two face is really cool. His dialogues that defines him are simply the best. Morgan freeman as Lucius fox is as usual. Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon is good. His scenes with the batman is stunning. Maggie Glyenhall as Rachel dawes is fine and fits perfect. Her scenes with joker is really cool. Rest others are good and do their respective jobs well.

Technically, movie is mind bending and cinematography and music takes the upper hand. Shot in Imax camera , certain scenes are stellar. Dialogues in the movie are inspirational and sometimes motivating. The climax dialog will define the purpose why this movie is awesome. The character development is already finished except for joker and harvey dent. Joker explains his story in a minute or so. Harvey is the character undefined. So I have to remove half for this. Otherwise movie is brilliant , technically stellar, perfectly directed and mind blowing performance from Heath ledger. For  The dark knight I give A+