It is said that we use twenty five percent of our brains and with that percentage many have used it to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists or even are born geniuses. What if we could use one hundred percent instead? What would the possibilities be? Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a struggling writer, is put to the test when his ex brother-in-law gives him one pill that will change how he thinks. Skeptic about taking an unknown drug, Eddie tries it out. Within a short amount, his writer’s block ends as he speeds through chapters of his novel and he helps his neighbor with her law school essay just from remembering a book from undergrad. When the drug wears off, he goes back to his ex brother-in-law for more. He soon finds him dead and figures out that it is because someone was looking for the drug. He finds the stash and takes them daily like vitamins. He starts working the stock market and earns 2.5 million dollars in a week. With all of this power come enemies and from the moment he first touched the pills, someone has been following him. He also finds out that the drug has side effects, one of them is death. Is his life in danger? Does anyone know the secret to his success? How long will the pills last? 

Review:                        This was a great film to watch. There were so many dangerous scenarios that I began to fear what might happen next to Eddie. The layout of the movie was done brilliantly and satisfied all of my curiosities. Bradley is such a great actor and was the right pick to cast for that role. While watching, I was often felt like what I would do if I was put in the same situations; a great method to keep the audience focused and involved in the film. I was happy to see Robert De Niro finally play a role more suited for him, instead of the scary father-in-law from hell. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD/Blu Ray. Great movie!