A billion dollar heir, Arthur Bach (Russell Brand), lives his life filled with immature fun, such as speeding around town in a bat mobile or having wild parties with random people from the street. His mother, fed up with his behavior and many arrests posted in the paper, gives Arthur an altermadium to either marry Susan Johnson (Jennifer Garner), a well-known humanitarian and successful business woman, or loss his inheritance. Arthur is forced to agree when he sees himself without any money. Later he falls for an unlicensed Central Station tourist guide, Naomi (Greta Gerwig), and must decide if she is worth losing a fortune. Who will he choose?  



            So, I hated this film from the first five minutes of viewing. I also hated that I had to force myself to finish it. I know that Arthur is supposed to be a spoiled fun boy, but really? Did his brain develop along with his allowance? He also has a nanny to keep him in line, which she fails at because he practically throws away thousands of dollars, gets arrested a lot, fills his apartment with toys and random groupies. I haven’t seen the original film but I hope that it’s better than this one. The script was pathetic and the ending was predictable. All in all, I will never see this film again.